The last two seasons for the Wetumpka football have been two of the most successful seasons in the program’s history. But despite being one of the best teams in Class 6A across the state, there were some clear gaps between Wetumpka and the other top-tier programs.

It wasn’t about the product on the field because Wetumpka could clearly compete with anyone in the state. After really taking a look at the facilities around the athletic program, it is really amazing the team had as much success as it did when you compare it to the other stadiums they have traveled to.

Often times, Wetumpka’s visiting locker room, which is in the middle of the parking lot, was overflowing with players. That’s not the look you want to give off to other programs.

When a team hits the road to face one of the state’s top programs like Wetumpka, it expects to see more than what Wetumpka has to offer.

Now, Wetumpka can finally be proud of what it will be able to provide opposing teams while obviously enjoying the perks along the way as the city council approved a $11 million project tot build a new football stadium and do renovations on the old one. There was plenty to be proud of with Hohenberg Field but most of it was history and tradition rather than the stadium itself.

And now seems like as good a time as any as Wetumpka has lost two home games in a season for the first time since 2015. Welcoming in a new home is be the worst idea in the world.

There are still plenty of plans in the works for the new stadium but coach Tim Perry said it will include a new field house, meeting room, press box and more. The venue is going to look like it belongs to a program that has had success and Wetumpka deserves it.

Obviously, there was more to the success than wanting to get a new stadium but this certainly is a huge win for the program. After falling just shy of a state championship trophy for two straight years, this may be the best way to show off that success without having one of those blue states on display at the front of the school.

There will always be arguments whenever public money is being spent whether it is on a new football stadium, new sidewalks or just new desks at a school. While I expect those arguments to continue over the next year, there should also be a little more positivity from the community around the announcement.

A new stadium will not only bring more excitement to the football team but more excitement to the entire athletics program, the school and the community. And that’s very rarely a bad thing.

Wetumpka is hoping the stadium will be ready to use for the 2020 season but no matter when it’s officially finished, it’s clear the days in Hohenberg Field are numbered. This week’s homecoming game against No. 2 Muscle Shoals may be the last chance to see a high school football game at the historic stadium so while I believe getting a new stadium is important, I still encourage everyone to get out to Hohenberg at least one more time.

It may not be the best stadium but it has been home to Wetumpka football for a long time and it deserves a good send off. After that, we can all be giddy about the new stadium whenever it comes along.

Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.