Wetumpka native bowls perfect game

Wetumpka resident Brian Baumgardner bowled the perfect game three weeks ago.

No strikes or spares here.

Alexander City native and Wetumpka resident Bradley Baumgardner, 15, bowled the perfect game three weeks ago in league. Baumgardner bowled a 322 with a handicap.

Baumgardner has bowled in the junior national tournament before and said he was motivated to win the tournament to receive a ring.

Baumgardner celebrated the win by going out to dinner with his family.

Baumgardner has bowled for two years and started playing in a league a year and ½ ago.

As hard as it is to get a perfect score, Baumgardner said he’ll try again.

To play the perfect game, Baumgardner advises other bowlers to not get nervous.

“You can get very nervous and start shaking and it gets in your head as you start bowling,” Baumgardner said.

Baumgardner said he might bowl professionally in the future.

“It just depends on how much I improve in bowling and what obstacles I have to jump,” Baumgardner said.