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The time of year my boyfriend has been talking about since it ended is finally here.  Lord, bless him. I’ve been hearing an exact countdown for months; we’re talking hours, minutes, seconds.

There are times when you should not try too hard to find flaws. There are definitely times where focusing on the positives can be a good thing but sometimes you have to find where the issues are so things can start improving.

“You know, while I appreciate your words, people saying they are sending prayers is pretty much a throwaway line these days.”

As much as I love college football Saturdays, there are times during the offseason where I feel like the hype is just a little too much. I do not need to read an article or watch a show every day on schedule releases, recruits, Heisman potential, new coaches, etc.

As we say goodbye to the summer of 2019, allow me to reminisce with you and indeed commemorate more than likely a summer exactly 50 years ago that was undoubtedly the most momentous summer in American history — the summer of 1969.

This is usually the time of year where I would put out all my picks for the high school football season. I would tell you all about why there is no reason to watch Class 7A this season as one team will take away any chance of climactic postseason football. Or you would be reading up on my pr…

It’s usually the first thing a person says upon meeting someone new. It’s something that’s attached to a person for life. It’s how you’re identified everywhere.

As you know, the football season is just around the corner with high school and college regular season games beginning next week. However, for one final time this summer, I’m here to talk about what to pay attention to across the pond with the football season underway.

Last week I wrote about how student-athletes are putting in work year-round for just a few short months of actual play. I wrote about how important that offseason work was for building team chemistry, getting bigger, stronger and faster and bonding as one unit.

Greetings from the Love’s Travel Stop just south of Huntsville. I just spoke to the teachers of Huntsville City Schools at the Von Braun Center. There were between 2,500 and 3,000 in attendance. It was an awesome experience.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t prepare us for this. When they were penning their names on parchment paper during the Constitutional Convention in 1787, they felt the words they were writing could guide us and keep us civil. They worked long and hard to get the Constitution just right. They were…

Greetings from the corner of Bridge and Bridge. We are beginning the process of rebuilding our church facility here at First Presbyterian. We hope to have a rebuilt sanctuary, offices and classrooms open for business in a year’s time. Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and support.

Southerners — that includes myself and many other Lake Martin residents — do things that make some folks look at us funny, others cringe and some just flat-out laugh at us.

With just one week to go until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, there are plenty of teams in both leagues with eyes on a spot in the postseason this October. Executives and coaching staffs will be working together to find the right piece to help their team get over the hump.

One of the most popular articles last week involved claims polls showed Republicans had increased their support of President Donald Trump. But a closer analysis of the data reveals any increase in support was within the margin of error. So the polls couldn’t conclude GOP support for Presiden…

It’s hot as Hades. Hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Hot as the devil, and hotter than his house cat. Hotter than asphalt at Six Flags. Hotter than The Oak Ridge Boys’ hearts on fire for Elvira. Hotter than a fresh biscuit out of the oven. Hotter than the racetrack at Daytona. And finall…

The 23rd annual AHSAA summer conference is upon us this week as administrators, coaches and players converge in Montgomery for practices, games and other events across nine different sports. Eight of those sports focus on upcoming seniors, giving them an extra opportunity for exposure to col…

Ever since the final whistle of Sunday’s World Cup final, I don’t think I have stopped being in a good mood. Despite the U.S. men’s soccer team losing to Mexico in the Gold Cup final that same night, the feeling of seeing the women’s national team win back-to-back world titles is something t…

Small-town living has its upsides as well as its downfalls. It’s not for everybody; you either love it or you hate it. 

I’ve been working at Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. for more than two years now, as I just hit my two-year anniversary May 22. While it’s been sort of a whirlwind and there have been ups and downs, I love my job and I am thankful to be here.

I’ve been in Alexander City for more than two years and spent two great summers here, but there’s still so much I haven’t done. The life of a sports editor is a busy one; I’m constantly running from one event to another, trying to cover all our area sports as best as possible and attempting …

As the spring sports schedule started winding down, I have to admit I got a little bit excited knowing I was going to have some nights to myself without work for a while. Between baseball, softball and soccer, there was very little time for rest.

Chronic illness is similar to mental illness in it isn’t widely advocated for, it’s something many don’t understand or have much knowledge of and it’s hard to talk about.

We’ve all heard the warnings about social media postings before. Whatever is posted on the internet stays there forever. You can never truly delete something. Those posts can follow you forever.

Even if you missed what happened at Churchill Downs on Saturday, there is no doubt you saw a post on social media about how instant replay was ruining another sports moment. After “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” appeared to be over, there were people in a small video room determini…

Folks, taking care of prisoners is not a popular political issue. However, every so often Alabama politicians pragmatically have to acquiesce to the mandates of federal judges and grant our transgressing citizens their rights as determined by the courts.