Holtville area resident Mason Burdette, 20, was charged with first-degree assault after he allegedly fired two rounds from a 30-06 rifle Saturday, according to law enforcement.

One of those two rounds fired by Burdette struck 19-year-old Nathan Weimorts.

According to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin, the two knew each other and had ongoing issues.

Law enforcement said Burdette woke to the sounds of shattering car windows. He opened the front door to see Weimorts. At that time Weimorts turned to run away and Burdette fired and struck Weimorts in the leg.

Weimorts was transported by ambulance to Baptist South Hospital where physicians were able to save his leg. Originally medical staff thought his leg would be amputated, Franklin said.

"Detectives have spoken to Mr. Burdette and he was cooperative," Franklin said. "How a grand jury views this is going to be interesting. The law allows for people to protect themselves and other with deadly force. It does not give one permission to protect property (with deadly force)."

Burdette is out on bond. His case will go before a grand jury in January.

Weimorts is currently in the hospital and will be charged with criminal mischief when he is released, according to Franklin.