Those driving through downtown Wetumpka have likely noticed that construction has started on the next phase of the downtown revitalization project as a part of the sidewalk on Company Street is being removed.

The revitalization project calls for new sidewalks and a roundabout to be constructed downtown.

The total budget for the construction project is $1.47 million. The project is being funded with $1.18 million in federal funds allocated by the Montgomery Metropolitan Planning Organization, and $295,958 from the city of Wetumpka. 

Goodwyn Mills and Cawood is providing engineering services for the project while Gillespie Construction was awarded the construction bid.

The sidewalks construction portion of the project consists of three phases and the final phase, phase four, will be the construction of the roundabout.

During phase one, the sidewalk on the east side of Company Street will be removed and replaced. During phase two, the sidewalk on the left side of Hill Street, the side where Market Shoppes is located, will be removed and replaced. The replacement of the sidewalk on the left side of Company Street, the end where Wetumpka Nutrition is located, will be the final part of the sidewalks portion of the project. Although the sidewalks project is divided into phases, crews may be working on the areas interchangeably.

The construction of the roundabout would be the most complicated and intrusive part of the whole project. The roundabout will be constructed at the intersections of Company, Spring and Orline streets. Traffic calming speed tables on Company and Orline streets are included in the design of the roundabout. During this time, Hill and Company streets will become two-way streets to help move traffic through downtown quicker.

The construction contract allows for 175 working days to complete the project, which equates to roughly nine months.