Christine Rowe

Eclectic Middle School math teacher Christine Rowe has taught in the community for 24 years.

History repeats itself for Eclectic Middle School math teacher Christine Rowe. She is not only teaching the next generation of students but also the children of former pupils.

“It’s been great to see these children,” Rowe said. “Their parents came through when I first started teaching. It’s great to see them come back and live in the area and support our community, but generally it’s just the kids and the community (that I like about my job).”

Rowe began teaching in 1996 in Eclectic which is where she grew up. Rowe moved over to EMS when it opened in 2001 from the high school that included seventh and eighth grades.

Rowe originally wanted to be a veterinarian but went into education after a friend told her to think about teaching.

“I loved math when I was coming through school,” Rowe said. “I found out that I really loved that idea (of teaching) and I enjoy a schedule. It makes me more comfortable to run on a schedule. Teaching fits right in with my lifestyle and it’s a great family opportunity for me here and the community is very supportive of teachers and the children here.”

Rowe has previously coached girls soccer and cheerleading and was as Junior Beta Club sponsor at the middle school.

A challenge of teaching math at the middle school is helping students get organized for a structured subject and having to meet the different levels of student skills, Rowe said.

“Math is an organized subject that doubles the challenge, but sometimes it’s meeting all the different needs of different students with the levels of math they come to you with because we have everything from kindergarten math skills all the way up through senior level math skills that we get even in eighth grade,” Rowe said. “We’ll get them all.”

Rowe has taught for 24 years and has stayed in Eclectic because of the community support.

“Not just in school but they will do everything for you,” Rowe said. “It tends to be more family oriented and I enjoy that. I love the small school system. You don’t get kind of lost in the cracks for the most part.”

Rowe recommends teaching in Eclectic to anyone because of the support.

“I have enjoyed being in this community and teaching in this community,” Rowe said.