jerry willis

Jerry Willis will serve another term as Wetumpka's mayor.

Willis received 843 votes, 67.71 percent of the votes, and opponent Greg Jones got 402 votes, 32.29 percent, during Tuesday's municipal election.

"It was a good day for us," Willis said after hearing the news of his victory. "It's been a long hot summer and it seems like the campaign went on forever. But, we had a great day."

Willis said he's humbled to receive his fourth re-election as mayor of Wetumpka.

"It's not a challenge that I take lightly," he said. "The people have spoken and what they're saying is that they agree with the direction the city and the plans for Wetumpka moving forward."

Now, Willis said it's time for the city to reunite after a tumultuous campaign season.

"I will continue trying to put Wetumpka back together from all of the negative politics," Willis said. "It's time to bring healing to this community and move it forward."

The election also saw two new people elected to the Wetumpka City Council - Cheryl Tucker and Joe Brown.

Tucker, the winner for District 2, defeated longtime councilmember Lewis Washington Sr. with 179 votes to Washington's 78 votes. Tucker received 69.65 percent of the votes.

Willis said Tucker and Brown will be "tremendous assets" to the city and he's excited to work with them in the future. 

In District 1, incumbent Kevin Robbins walked away with the win, receiving 192 votes, 58.72 percent of the votes. His opponents David Bowen and Jack McDaniel received 90 and 45 votes, respectively.

Joe Brown won in District 5 with 81.82 percent of votes, 207 votes, and his opponent Michael Blevins got 46 votes, 18.18 percent. 

With a total of 2,082 people casting ballots on Tuesday, Willis said he was expecting a better turnout, but suspects that COVID-19 was a driving factor in that. 

Bureau Chief of The Wetumpka Herald