Alleyway First event

Daniel Dye / The Herald

Members from the community and guests attending the Alabama Historical Association’s fall pilgrimage enjoy an afternoon in Wetumpka’s Alleyway.

Main Street Wetumpka hosted its first event at The Alleyway, located between Company and Hill streets in downtown Wetumpka Saturday.

Members of the community and history enthusiasts with Alabama Historical Association enjoyed an afternoon of refreshments and fellowship in the new downtown space.

The area is expected to be complete in a few weeks, according to Main Street Wetumpka executive director Jenny Stubbs. 

“We are waiting for lighting to be installed,” Stubbs said. “It should be completed by the middle of November. A large portion of the cost was the LED lighting. The lights can be dimmed as needed to match the ambiance of the specific event taking place.”

The space will also include benches and the mural will be updated to better match the space’s decline.

“Originally, this area declined 4 feet from Company Street to Hill Street,” Stubbs said. “So we are repainting the mural next week. We will implement a timeline.”

The cost to construct the alleyway is around $90,000, according to Stubbs. 

“Just knowing the importance of having a community gathering space, we took it as our own project at no cost to the city,” she said. “We have been able to raise funds for this project through grants from Alabama Power, AARP, Wind Creek Wetumpka and the Wetumpka Pride Organization who was our initial sponsor.”

Stubbs said it felt fantastic to receive the grants.

“We’re devoted to the cause and we like to see progress,” Stubbs said.

The largest grant received by Main Street Wetumpka for the alleyway project was given by AARP earlier this year. The grant was in the amount of $9,500.

“We are so incredibly excited to support Main Street Wetumpka,” AARP Alabama state director Candi Williams said. “Our goal at AARP Alabama is to support the efforts of neighborhoods, cities and towns to be great places for people of all ages. Main Street’s project will provide a wonderful space for the community to gather in the historic downtown.”

The alleyway is city property that will host a wide variety of public events such as family movie nights, snow in the alley and more. 

Main Street’s mission is to revitalize the downtown business district through a proven four-point approach involving the principles of design, promotion, outreach and economic vitality.