Lewis Washington

City councilmember Lewis Washington expressed displeasure with the chosen road list for Rebuild Alabama on Monday.

The Wetumpka City Council unanimously approved adopting a transportation plan after a heated discussion at its meeting Monday.

The transportation plan is part of Rebuild Alabama and the council had to approve five projects to submit along with the Elmore County Commission by Aug. 31. The document can be amended along the way, according to city development director David Robison.

Councilmember Lewis Washington asked why District 2 — his district — was left out of the project list.

“My district is not being treated fairly,” Washington said. “We buy gas too. We want our roads fixed.”

Public works director Tex Grier pointed out to Washington Northwest Main Street, Osceola Road and Holtville Road were on the list.

“That is one of the larger projects that we have put on there and I felt like an immediate need was there,” Grier said.

Washington continued asking about why Grier hadn’t addressed previous roads in District 2 when he presented a list to him years ago.

“It’s not going to work and I’m not going to continue to get left out for you piecemeal when you want to do something,” Washington said.

Robison told Washington the project money from the Rebuild Alabama grant will be about $34,438 for the roads.

“Give me half,” Washington said. “I have tried to work with everybody; I try to be fair. I have buildings; I have people to represent and the city as a whole. I care about the great city of Wetumpka. We all pay taxes. None of it is here. None of it.”

Grier said he made his choices for the projects through surveying them and offered Washington to drive with him and see how he chose the roads.

After Washington said he was done talking to Grier, Mayor Jerry Willis said the money the city is getting is not “a big bucket full of money.”

The council then voted unanimously to approve the projects

The other roads to be fixed are Cotton Lakes Boulevard, Green Street, Hampton Springs Road and Jasmine Hills Road and Love Lane, according to Willis.

Councilmembers Steve Gantt and Greg Jones were not at the meeting.

In other action, the Wetumpka City Council:

• Unanimously approved a license agreement with First Presbyteries Church for its parking lot.

• Had a first reading on an ordinance regarding closing and leasing McGillivary Street to First Baptist Church.

• Unanimously approved for Willis to enter into a non-binding engagement letter with Stifel at no cost for refinancing of existing bonds and for additional capital projects

• Unanimously approved the use of Gold Star Park for the inaugural Army National Guard Reunion for members of the 1206th, 1207th and 1209th units.