Dear Editor:


I almost cringe to read the paper or watch television because it seems as if there is always some kind of promotion of the sale of alcohol on Sundays. I’m very concerned about what’s going to happen to our children’s safety and for the families trying to raise them.

On Aug. 5, 2006, in The Wetumpka Herald, there was an article about a public hearing with the PCI Gaming Tribal Council presenting the petition for a liquor license in Wetumpka.

At this meeting, Kathy Sanford, director of the First Baptist Church Child Development Center, said in Wetumpka the city regulates alcohol sales by the proximity to day care facilities. She said two of the biggest day care facilities in the city are directly across from the gaming facility.

Thad Hankins, a resident of River Oaks, expressed his concern about the safety of his children and drunk drivers coming through the neighborhood.

I wonder how the mayor, city council members, restaurant owners and managers and citizens of Wetumpka who are for the sale of alcohol on Sundays would feel if their child or grandchild were to be killed by a drunk driver on a Sunday? What great good does alcohol do that justifies us legalizing the sale of it on Sundays?

I am also concerned about the falsehood of how much more revenue Wetumpka will bring by selling alcohol on Sundays. If the leadership of Wetumpka is so concerned about the revenue, they could take a couple of other paths.

First of all, they could cut back on the amount of money being spent by the city. Secondly, our city’s leadership could start buying all of their merchandise from Wetumpka businesses.

Apparently, it’s not about the people – it’s all about reputation and the almighty dollar.


Hazel Downs